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I. Overarching Question and Sub Questions

How can societyís physical fitness, or general health, be improved to increase productivity in the work place?

1. Where is the problem of unhealthy employees most evident?

2. What were the first signs that American society was undergoing a change in its health?

3. When did Americans first become concerned about exercising regularly and maintaining good nutrition?

4. How much time and money are wasted by employees who are absent from work because of health problems that were preventable if they had better exercise and nutrition habits?

5. What guidelines do experts give for a healthy lifestyle?

6. Should regular exercise be a required part of workerís daily lives?

7. What is the United States government doing to insure better working environments in the future?

8. What is the single greatest cause of poor health in the United States today?

II. Specific Problem Statement

How can an organizationís overall employee health be improved through the use of incentives and goals to insure a more productive business or company?

III. Overview of Solution

The benefits of exercise and proper nutrition are common knowledge to the public. It is not hard to prove to people the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The difficulty comes when trying to motivate men and women into participating in health related activities. The solution of this study will explain imaginative and specific incentives to encourage employees to engage in exercising and maintaining a lifestyle which is conducive to the health promotion goals of the organization. The incentives will be aimed at reducing a measurable cost related to the health activities of employees. The solution in this study is created for one single company, but can be used in slightly different formats for a wide variety of businesses and companies.

IV. Goals of Study

I. Have all assignments done a week in advance so I can correct them if necessary A. Have a third of the book that is due for the month read each week B. Try to get ahead of schedule if I donít have many activities a certain week C. Have papers done a week in advance

II. Be aware of examples or solutions to the problem in the community A. Go to any speeches or seminars that have to do with my topic B. Cut out articles from local newspapers or magazines that relate to my topic C. Talk to employers about how they are solving the problem

III. Promote wellness to other people through the project A. Volunteer to work at any community events that involve health promotion B. Create a web page that gives facts and solutions to the problem C. Set an example by my own exercise habits for other people to follow