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United They Stand, Divided They Fall

The future health of America’s workers depends on the individual. It does not matter if the person is a blue collar worker, CEO, politician, or business owner. Health is everyone’s responsibility (Bunton 22). People in all walks of life will decide if society continues to struggle with a workforce incapable of living productive lives. Lawmakers in the United States’ Congress and in state governments will decide whether or not to allow unpractical laws and regulations to last into the next century. They have the power to change and reform restrictive codes into laws which give organizations incentive to address their employees’ health difficulties. The leaders of an organization also play a fundamental role in health promotion. It is their job to invest the time and money necessary to correct their workforce’s health-related flaws. The executives and owners must motivate their organization to improve its health. They must educate employees and give incentives for reaching health promotion goals. In turn, the common worker must practice a healthy lifestyle and strive to reach goals set by his or her employer. They must eat right and exercise frequently. Discipline and determination must be practiced by employees in order to achieve results. In order for society’s health to improve, all groups must do their part to maintain and improve health standards. The groups are not independent from each other. Failure by one group will be fatal to all involved. Every individual must do their share to guarantee success. If all groups in society work together and cooperate, the future of health will be bright for the United States.

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