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We Welcome You!!!

Because this page sucks, I will be providing some "extra info" about the harem to bide time while we pretend to set up the harem picture page.

It is our mission and our goal to accept all persons, and to be loyal to Ben Carr.

(To the tune of the school song)
Zionsville harem, oh Zionsville harem,
Zionsville harem, we all hate you.
We will fight for the kinky orgies,
To our sultan, we will be true (BEN CARR)
The internet will completely humiliate you,
and though the guestbook has been deleted,
Zionsville harem, oh Zionsville harem,
Zionsville harem, we all hate you!!
(There is a 2nd verse, but I don't remember all of it)


My name is Heiffer Dogfrey. I am considered the "harem queen." We have a sultan, Ben Carr, who graduated last year. Basically, all we do is get together and have good, innocent fun hanging around in the band room for an hour before school. Our members include: Adrienne Armstrong, John (loser) McKnight, Tom Greist, Marie McGrath, Joe Lynn, Kellin and Patrick McClanahan, "Randinee", Travis Lynn (because he's dating Adrienne and is responsible for the picture page), Becky Douglas, Jonathan and Robert Galliher, Sarah and Craig-Mack Fryman, supposedly Mary Saint, and all other woodwinds in the band. We also have "secret agents" that we send over to "the other side" to return "top secret" anti-harem information. They are Brett Zeller and Daniel Glover. It is easy to define exactly who is in the harem, because if you hang around in the band room all of the time and play your instrument even on days where we're supposed to do nothing, YOU'RE IN THE HAREM!!!


Just step right up and go out with a current harem member.

NEW (lack of a) FEATURE!!!!

Due to the immaturity of the comments on the guestbook, I'm a wuss and deleted it. Congratulations, guys rule!!!

Why don't the members of the harem wear watches?

Because they can't think of any original jokes; they have to copy jokes that the anti-harem made that were intended to make fun of the harem!


They're not all in the harem, but here's who we're dating:

Heiffer Dogfrey/Jason 'I'm a Loser' Vaught
Adrienne Armstrong/Joe Lynn
Joe Lynn/Adrienne Armstrong
Marie McGrath/Jason Frederich (that's just SICK)
John McKnight/The moron from New Pal


(Like everyone doesn't have it bookmarked already), he's not a harem member, but he hates us's a link to Bill Saint's Place . As soon as other harem members get web pages (sorry, but it will never happen), we'll let you know. There are no other harems as stupid as ours anywhere in the world, so I can't exactly link to other harems without it being G-rated.

Thanks for stopping by, and I know this place isn't very exciting RIGHT NOW, but sorry, it never will be.