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How can society's physical fitness, or general health, be improved to increase productivity in the work place?

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Subquestions (answers to come in April):

1. Where is the problem of unhealthy employees most evident?

2. What were the first signs that American society was undergoing a change in its health?

3. When did Americans first become concerned about exercising regularly and maintianing good nutrition?

4. What was the effect of more people working in offices instead of places where good health was a necessity?

5. How much time and money are wasted by employees who are absent from work caused by health problems that were preventable if they had better exercise and nutrtion habits?

6. What guidelines do experts give for a healthy lifestlye?

7. Can elderly people meet the same demands as younger employees?

8. Should regular exercise be a required part of worker's daily lives?

9. Is there a particular era when people's lifestyles changed?

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